Performance History Examples

The below examples depict the noteworthy results delivered for companies, cities, schools and virtually all type entities over decades of time.



  • California Energy Commission
    “You created a partnership with companies  and secured participation of over 350 buildings with a few hundred to over $150,000 rebates.”
  • Building Owners & Managers Assn (BOMA)
    “We are changing the way an association thinks and acts with opportunities individual companies might not find on their own.”
  • CB Richard Ellis
    “You not only produced rebates, but led to many projects, which otherwise would not happen.  You guided us to their completion.”
  • UCLA Health
    “Through your program, we found it a valuable opportunity to have replaced fluorescent T8 lighting with LEDs at no cost in multiple UCLA Health locations.”
  • American Red Cross
    “We appreciate your service by providing LED lighting to ARC with special rebates to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint at our facilities nationally.”
  • Salvation Army
    “We most appreciate the opportunity through your program to reduce our energy cost with the LED lighting you provided at no cost for our Santa Monica location.”
  • Hilton Hotel
    “Over the years, you have served us well with special rebates that cut our energy cost for our Glendale Hilton, Sheraton, Embassy Suites, Ritz Carlton, Marriott and other hotels.”
  • Kirk Douglas Theatre/Center Theatre Group
    “Your program providing 4-foot LED lamps for Kirk Douglas Theatre was a valuable opportunity to cut energy use at no cost to us.”
  • South Bay Cities Council of Governments
    “I wish to express our appreciation of the benefit brought to our communities. The program has been noteworthy. A true partnership formed.”
  • Cushman & Wakefield
    “We found the program a valuable combination of rebate, access to emerging technologies, and having a single source to manage all aspects of the program.”
  • Church of Scientology International
    “Your company has been a valuable and highly efficient resource by providing LED lighting for our buildings with rebates covering 100% of the cost.”
  • Pasadena Unified School District
    “It is an ambitious undertaking. Today’s economic challenges make it mandatory that we act decisively to reduce our energy cost.”
  • Echo Horizon School
    “It was gratifying to be provided LED lighting at no cost through your program for our private Culver City elementary school to help us reduce energy cost.”
  • John Hancock Real Estate, Telesis Court, San Diego
    “We replaced our 4’ fluorescent lighting with LEDs at no cost through your program.  This was an extraordinary opportunity.”
  • California Proton Cancer Therapy Center, San Diego
    “We were quite pleased with your program, which is enabling us to replace our fluorescent lighting with LEDs at no cost.”
  • Rio Vista Towers, San Diego
    “We were able to replace thousands of our 4’ fluorescent lights with LEDs through your program.  We are now looking at additional opportunities.”
  • Ramcal Management
    “Your company has served us well with providing significant rebates over the years for multiple of our facilities to replace older generation lighting with LEDs.”
  • Bay Club – Carmel Valley
    “We appreciate the opportunity you provided for us to receive LEDs to change out our fluorescent lighting without any cost to us.”
  • City of Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
    “Rebates Can Cover 100% of the Cost to Upgrade Lighting to LEDs.”
  • City of Covina
    “At no cost to the city, we took advantage of your program to receive over 2,000 LEDs to replace 4-foot fluorescent lighting with over $20,000 energy savings per year.”
  • City of Pomona, CA
    “The City of Pomona worked with Energy Innovation Group to administer the rebate funding, assist business owners identify energy savings opportunities.”
  • City of Torrance, CA
    “The Energy Innovation Group program paid over $165,000 in rebates for 51 Torrance buildings with approximately $200,000 projected annual savings.”
  • City of Beverly Hills, CA
    “Based on the experience of the City with EIG over the years, the City is pleased to award EIG with a contract to develop an energy efficiency strategy for city facilities.”
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
    “Your company has been a valuable and highly efficient resource by providing LED lighting for our buildings with rebates covering the cost.”