The ‘Alliance for Energy Efficiency’ Synergy Program for No Cost or Low Cost LEDs

The Differentiation and Advantages of the ‘Alliance for Energy Efficiency’ Synergy program!

The management of Alliance for Energy Efficiency (AEE) aka LED Partnership energy expertise dates back to 1976. They developed the only one of its kind in the country Synergy program with LED manufacturers, installation contractors, utilities and the marketplace’s organizations that guided and served businesses, such as their trade associations and property management companies.

This enabled AEE to connect with building owners through their trusted advisor’s, whose role is to assist companies in their operations and to reduce energy cost. Expensive levels of overhead and the need for a sales organization for AEE were virtually eliminated through the marketplace access with these organizations clients and members.

There is also significantly lower cost for product and installation services through the volume delivered to equipment manufacturers and installation contractors in addition to a major reduction of business acquisition costs for the contractors.

The Result for Commercial Buildings:

Due to lower costs and greatly reduced operating overhead, combined with utility incentives, LEDs are supplied at no cost or at such low cost for energy savings to generally recover any cost in less than 12 months. The end result is that commercial buildings can cut energy expense up to 80%, virtually eliminate lighting maintenance cost for years, improve lighting quality and benefit the environment – potentially without cost to the company.

To Take Advantage of the Opportunity:

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Click the “ABOUT” link for a description of AEE management’s history with the RAND Corporation, the California Energy Commission, Southern California Edison, Boston Edison, Building Owners & Managers Assn (BOMA), City of Redondo Beach, CA, Pasadena Unified School District, New Energy Ventures, City of Beverly Hills, CA and Southern California South Bay Cities Council of Governments.