Lighting Upgrade at No Cost or Low Cost with No-Cash-Outlay Option

What’s Possible? Think Outside the Box for Compelling Opportunities!

The Alliance for Energy Efficiency (AEE) and LED Partnership provide companies, schools and cities with advantages to upgrade their lighting, unlikely to be available from any other source in the marketplace. The key differentiation of AEE evolved from the achievement of its management team to leverage the enormous purchasing power of the members and clients of trade associations and property management companies.

As a result, the cost of energy projects was significantly lowered, due to special financial incentives from manufacturers, price reductions from installation contractors, and elimination of significant overhead costs of traditional energy service and supply companies. Applying utility rebates against the lower cost of a high efficiency lighting upgrade results in a compelling opportunity for building owners and managers.

The Result for Commercial Buildings:

Commercial buildings can upgrade lighting with LEDs to cut energy expense up to 80%, virtually eliminate lighting maintenance cost for years, improve lighting quality and benefit the environment. Due to the combination of the lower project cost achieved by AEE, combined with utility rebates, LEDs are supplied at no cost or at such low cost to often produce paybacks under 12 months. When a building takes advantage of the AEE energy-savings-funded no-cash-outlay option to complete projects, it has all new lighting, reduces energy and maintenance cost, improves lighting quality and never invests a dollar of its own funds.

The Benefits for Utilities and Government:

The AEE program can reduce energy demand in far greater volume, in far less time, at far lower cost and with far greater certainty than any other option. As a result, utilities can significantly reduce requirements and cost to build and operate power plants, purchase expensive outsourced power, and convert to renewable power. For cities, counties and states, a key benefit to such a program is to significantly contribute to the protection of our environment, stimulate business, and generate tax revenue.

To Proceed with LED Lighting Upgrade:

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Click the “ABOUT” link for a description of AEE management’s history with the RAND Corporation, the California Energy Commission, Southern California Edison, Boston Edison, Building Owners & Managers Assn (BOMA), City of Redondo Beach, CA, Pasadena Unified School District, New Energy Ventures, City of Beverly Hills, CA and Southern California South Bay Cities Council of Governments.