LED Program with Utility and Manufacturer Incentives and No-Cash-Outlay Option

Differentiation and Advantages!

The management of ‘Alliance for Energy Efficiency’ (AEE) aka LED Partnership has provided energy efficiency, rebate guidance and no cash outlay opportunities to the commercial marketplace since 1976.

AEE’s wealth of rebate and energy technology expertise maximizes opportunities for buildings. To further benefit businesses, AEE developed partnerships with LED manufacturers and installation contractors to significantly lower the cost for product and installation.

The End Result for Commercial Buildings:

Due to the lower cost for product and installation, combined with utility and manufacturer incentives, and the option to complete projects without ever having a cash outlay, the economic opportunity for a building is truly compelling.

Commercial buildings can cut energy expense up to 80%, virtually eliminate lighting maintenance cost for years, improve lighting quality and staff productivity, and benefit the environment. A company has the option of a fast payback project or seek to qualify for a no-cash-outlay program.

For a 0% interest no-cash-outlay program, the utility pays for the net cost of a project after utility rebates and manufacturer incentives and then uses the monthly savings to recoup its cost. Thereafter, all the savings directly reduces a building’s operating cost.  Bottom Line is that the building has all new lighting, reduces up to 80% of energy cost, virtually eliminates lighting maintenance cost for years, improves lighting quality, aids the environment, and never lays out a single dollar of capital.  

To Take Advantage of the Opportunity:

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Click the “ABOUT” link for a description of AEE management’s history with the RAND Corporation, the California Energy Commission, Southern California Edison, Boston Edison, Building Owners & Managers Assn (BOMA), City of Redondo Beach, CA, Pasadena Unified School District, New Energy Ventures, City of Beverly Hills and Southern California South Bay Cities Council of Governments.