The Alliance for Energy Efficiency

Commercializing Energy Efficiency to Lower Energy
Saving Project Cost and Reduce Energy Demand

A question for Utilities and State Agencies:

If trade associations with members in a wide range of industries could impact on the requirements to build and operate power plants and purchase expensive outsourced power by substantially reducing energy demand, quicker, at far lower cost and with greater certainty than any other option, would you want to explore the possibilities?

A question for Commercial Building Owners:

If you could complete an energy efficiency project to reduce energy expense up to 80%, at a far lower cost than from any other source, and you could recover your investment through energy savings in as little as 3 to 12 months, would you want to learn more?

The Big Picture to Reduce Energy Demand!

The Alliance for Energy Efficiency (AEE) business model is to replicate and expand to a broad scale a proven program for reducing energy demand to drastically reduce the need for utilities to build new generating capacity or purchase expensive outsourced power to meet energy demand.

Sid Pelston, CEO of The Alliance, has operated energy efficiency companies since 1976, including Energy Innovation Group, LLC (EIG).  During that period, the “big picture” business model of partnerships with trade associations was developed to leverage the massive purchasing power of the trade association members to lower the cost for building owners to complete energy savings projects and to significantly reduce energy demand for utilities to better serve the marketplace.

The trade associations have established relationships and channels of communication with their commercial, industrial, institutional and management company members to inform them of the available, economically compelling energy savings opportunities.

Because of the collective buying power of trade association members, manufacturers of energy products and installation contractors are motivated to offer substantially lower prices for energy projects. Outreach by the associations to their members virtually eliminates marketing costs for energy projects.  The result of these cost reductions has significantly lowered the cost to complete energy efficiency projects, which can result in huge energy demand reduction.

Benefit for Commercial Building Owners!

Generally, energy projects can be completed at no cost, or at such low cost for the investment to be recovered from energy savings in only 3 to 12 months for 100% or better R.O.I.  Buildings then benefit from up to 80% reduced energy cost thereafter, while realizing major reductions in maintenance costs and demand on staff due to the long life of the new equipment.

Benefit for Utilities and State Agencies!

The AEE program to cost-effectively reduce energy demand by huge amounts is a perfect scenario for the formation of public/private partnerships between utilities, State agencies and the trade association network.  There is nothing equal for utilities to secure such unique access to the marketplace, which will be a valuable asset for the utilities to:

  • meet increasing energy demand at a significantly lower cost
  • reduce reliance on fossil fuels and costly purchased power
  • better manage the strategies and conversion toward renewable energy
  • reduce emissions to combat climate change and protect the environment; and
  • reduce the energy cost for utility customers

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